The origins of smitten are in every way, a fairytale.

Meriette, the smitten creator has always had a strong fondness for perfumes from when she was a little girl. Her mom had a collection of perfumes and being the curious young girl that she was, she would always sniff and spray it on herself. Noticing her daughter's affection for fragrances, she would always buy her colognes and that later on influenced Meriette's love for scents. Their family business was a perfume boutique as well as clothing, bags, skin care, body and bath products, and then ventured into food business but her heart has always been with fragrances. The girl's love for fragrances carried on well into her adulthood. What simply began as a personal passion eventually turned into inquiries from friends and soon, word had spread.

Passion is what drives her to discover things she loves to do. From being a print ad and TV commercial model, freelance make-up artist to the stars to a fragrance connoisseur. She has an eye for beauty, elegance and style.( Get to know more about Meriette, here's a featured article about her: )

Founded in the love month of 2013, smitten is dedicated to creating original and designer luxury inspired products made with the highest quality ingredients from the world's perfume capital, Grasse, France.  She studied the history, techniques, practices and modern perfumery in a small fragrance house in Grasse to develop what we know as SMITTEN FRAGRANCES.

Handmade in Manila, she soon thereafter made the fragrance available online, spearheading the operations and production.

Proudly Philippine made, smitten has and always will be handcrafted with passion, guaranteed made with love, and created with you in mind.

Smitten’s goal is to offer premium quality products to a discerning crowd who understand the value of good things. 


Bespoke Services: One of the beautiful things about fragrances is the ease and ability to make it your own. Contact us for your own personal perfume blend or giveaways fitting for any occasion.