S Series

Simple yet addictive scents perfect for any occasion or for daily wear. Made for Him and Her.

Home Fragrance

Fragrances designed to refresh your sanctuary. Made for your Homes, Rooms & Linens, and Cars.

body & bath

Made from the most delicate ingredients to delight your senses and address various needs and skin concerns.

statement series

Message-in-a-bottle is all about your inner feelings, desires, wants and needs...about relationships and celebrating them with a gift that turns a moment into a memory.

Bespoke Services

One of the beautiful things about fragrances is the ease and ability to make it your own. 

Contact us for your own personal perfume blend or giveaways fitting for any occasion.

Smitten has and always will be handcrafted with passion, made with love, and created with you in mind.


Truly Custom & Made For You